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Audi Q3 RS quattro Cobreq

TMD Friction launches in the national replacement, brake pads Cobreq for the Audi Q3 RS quattro


The TMD Friction – which in Brazil markets its products in the replacement with the brand Cobreq – has launched, in the national market of this segment, brake pads front for the Audi Q3 RS quattro model 2014, a compact German compact SUV with 2.5 liter engine TFSI (turbo) 5-cylinder and 310 hp, a model developed by the quattro GmbH division of Audi AG.

The world’s largest manufacturer of friction material, TMD Friction supplies original products to the most traditional and expressive automakers on the globe and in Germany to the manufacturer of the Audi Q3 RS quattro, as well as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In this sophisticated vehicle, the TMD inserts (reference COBREQ N-294) integrate with a modern brake system with internally ventilated discs and drilled in the front wheels.

These discs have a diameter of 365 mm and eight-piston calipers painted in black with RS logos. The quality of TMD Friction products is attested by its customers, standing out the most sophisticated and desired vehicle manufacturers in the world. The same level of product supplied to automakers is found in the aftermarket.

Q3 2.0 TDI / TFSI