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Today’s vehicles are equipped with numerous safety devices that protect people inside and outside the car. The automobile design includes ergonomic seating features, active and passive safety devices, including warning systems and also addressing environmental issues in terms of emission reductions. All this in order to provide a safe vehicle, sustainable and efficient for millions of people. Our friction materials are also part of this complex system.

All aspects related to Risk, Health, Safety and Environment are reflected in our daily routine, in our products and in the production processes. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, sustainable and efficient workplace for those who work or are affected by it – by providing world-class friction materials to customers around the world.

At TMD Friction, we believe that a safety-related product must be produced in the safest way possible. The Zero Accident Program constantly promotes this idea.

The fulfillment of this goal is a continuous work. At TMD Friction, our products do not contain asbestos or asbestos, after the use of the product, the disposal is carried out in an environmentally adequate manner and in accordance with the current legislation. We seek to continually improve our health and safety performance as well as the environmental impact on everything we do.



We consider the quality of our products and services to be ‘best in class’. Our attitude is not to consider quality just as “sufficient.” No matter what job, country, locality or business unit, all our employees strive to add more value and quality to our products and services, on a daily basis.

For us, quality is more than not receiving customer complaints or being in compliance with required standard. Our products guarantee safety with the highest comfort, for millions of families, all over the world.

All of our manufacturing plants are also certified to the most current industry quality standards. Our quality management system covers all divisions and processes within the company.

Worldwide, millions of people rely on our brake lining and pads for safe braking in their vehicles. The combination of this security with quality and comfort has been our PASSION since 1878.


The TMD Friction Group is in twelve countries, also with customers and suppliers in many others. The operation on a global scale requires additional responsibilities to ensure the conduct of our business in accordance with the laws and regulations in such countries also recognizing and respecting the different cultural backgrounds of the various people with whom we interact every day. We are committed to ensure that our business practices are in line with the economic, legal and social expectations of the countries in which we operate.

The TMD Friction Group Code of Ethics meets all these requirements, making clear to all employees the general principles and obligations that we must fulfill in relation to our company and the communities in which we conduct business. Our “International Code of Ethics” Hotline meets the requirements of our own standards and is available to all TMD Friction employees as well as to companies and third-party employees who provide services to the TMD Friction Group.