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Regardless of whether it is passenger cars, commercial, trucks or motorcycles, COBREQ has the ideal solution to meet the market. As the world’s leading brand of commercial vehicle brake pad, original equipment and replacement equipment, we offer safety and performance in our products that only the original products can guarantee.

With maximum power of innovation, we offer to the aftermarket, our products, which are not only safe and comfortable but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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Commercial Vechicles

Brake Lining DAF XF105 – 9465T e 4533T

Brake Lining DAF XF105 – 9465T e 4533T

Cobreq, brand of TMD Friction, a company of the group Nisshinbo, presents to the market the Brake Linings 9465T e 4533T for the front and rear axle, its new launch to meet the DAF XF105. See the technical specifications of the launch below: Click the button to...

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Brake Pads Yamaha NMAX 160 / N-1880

Brake Pads Yamaha NMAX 160 / N-1880

Yamaha NMAX 160 N-1880 TMD Friction brand, a Nisshinbo group company, introduces the N-1880 front axle brake pad, the new launch to meet the Yamaha NMAX 160 model. See the technical specifications for the launch below: NMAX 160...

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Passenger Cars



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Since 1961 making history, check out a little more of the facts that marked the Cobreq over the years.


COBREQ, Cia. Brasileira de Equipamentos S.A. was founded on October 28, 1961, in the city of São Paulo, by the Portuguese immigrant Manoel Joaquim D’Almeida. Initially, the factory produced products for diving.


With the growing automotive market, the group strategy shifted its focus, in 1962 COBREQ started producing friction materials and brake lining for the automotive industry.


COBREQ became a pioneer in the manufacture of disc brake pad in Brazil.


moved to Indaiatuba, São Paulo, which also initiates the production of products for the motorcycle segment


Produced for the Ford Escort, the first asbestos-free brake pad, a pioneer in the national auto parts industry.


ISO 14001 and IATF certification 16,949

• COBREQ was acquired by the German group TMD Friction, one of the largest producers of friction materials in the world, with 15 plants in 10 countries, including Germany and the United States. The group maintained the established brand COBREQ in its portfolio.
2001 Certificación ISO 14001 e IATF 16.949


COBREQ becomes part of the Nisshinbo Group (the world’s largest manufacturer of friction material) and has been conquering important projects in the original equipment (assembler) and IAM (replacement) markets in Latin America.


Moves to Salto, São Paulo.