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The most complete product line

We have developed special lines for all categories of motorcycles, with the most extensive line of the market, we have high technology products so that you have the safety and the necessary performance whatever your riding style.

Our products are extensively tested in our advanced research and development center to ensure our users the best comfort with the highest safety in the use of our products.

Line for motorcycles

Cobreq Linha Street

When used in urban environments and requiring high mobility in performance and safety braking, the Street line is the ideal choice to be used for all bikes up to 400 CC, which require better braking power and low wear of the disk / cube. In addition to the brake pads and shoes, see also the other products that are part of Line Street:

Clutch Kit

Clutch disc

Wheel hub

Hub Cover

Spocket Flange


The most extensive range of brake cables for any motorcycle, developed with top quality components, our cables have been developed to support the most critical environments, within our portfolio we have cables for throttle, choke, clutch, brake and velocity.

Brake Disc

The Cobreq brake disc is composed of a differentiated property of stainless steel, has a lower carbon content, making the product with greater durability and lower wear index compared to other brands

Brake Fluid

DOT 3 and DOT 4Within the complete range of Cobreq products, we also offer three brake fluids specially developed to meet all market requirements and in 200 ml bottles, so that you have the best performance and performance. the right fluid for your motorcycle

Cobreq Linha Custom

For motorcycles, the custom line was specially developed different from the traditional process and is characterized by having high metal content being produced by powder metallurgy. This sintered material follows the strictest standards of the original manufacturers also forming an insulator and thus ensuring better performance and more comfort.

Cobreq Linha Racing

For high performance applications the Cobreq Racing Line is the ideal choice, this application has been specially designed for motorcycles from 500 CC, which require a better braking power due to the high temperatures, less wear of the brake pads and discs , in its composition are used aramid and kévelar fiber materials and tested in extreme environments of competitions such as Moto GP, Superbike, Stock Car and F-Truck, ensuring the quality and reliability of the brand


Cobreq Linha Racing

The brake pads of the Cobreq Racing Extreme line were developed in research and evaluations for a period of more than 2 years, counting on the performance, both in Brazil and in Europe, of professionals specialized in new materials technologies, in addition to testing laboratories and application. The Cobreq Racing Extreme ceramic friction material has special features, raw materials and innovative formulas, in addition to demanding manufacturing processes, resulting in a differentiated friction material, with low use of organic materials, therefore more resistant and with a level of friction more stable in different temperature ranges.

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