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At Carnival, the movement on the coastal roads is intense. To ensure safety during the journey and not have a headache on the journey, the car overhaul is of utmost importance. In addition to the check-up, the driver must use the brake properly when descending the saw to avoid overheating parts that make up the system and loss of braking efficiency.

According to Raulincom Borges da Silva, technical assistance coordinator for TMD Friction, the largest manufacturer of brake pads in the world, owner of the Cobreq brand, the main recommendation is to descend the mountain with the vehicle in gear and never in neutral. “That way, the driver does not have to step on the brake pedal all the time, which contributes to preserving the items in the braking system”, he comments. He explains that using the brake excessively on a slope can excessively raise the temperature in the brake disc, pads and other parts that are part of the wheel assembly.

If the car is manual, it is recommended to use the same gear that would be used when going uphill. If the vehicle is automatic, the reduction is made by applying the brake or, when available, by manual controls on the gearshift lever and / or “butterflies”.

Another guideline is to keep a safe distance from the car in front. In addition to avoiding sudden braking, helping to save brakes, it gives the driver more time to act, especially if the brakes start to fail due to overheating.

According to the coordinator, if the driver notices that the brake is losing efficiency, the recommendation is to slow down and stop in a safe place until the system cools down and starts working again.

In addition to all the recommendations, the coordinator recalls that the brake system is the main safety item of a vehicle and must always be in perfect condition. “Choosing quality products and reviewing them before traveling are important practices to ensure the safety of the driver and occupants of the car”, he concludes.


Cobreq is one of the brands of the TMD Friction group, the largest brake pad manufacturer in the world. The company develops brake linings, shoes and pads covering vehicles from the light, heavy and motorcycle lines. Located in an area of 100 thousand m², in Salto, in the interior of São Paulo, the factory represents one of the largest units of the TMD Friction group outside Europe. For more information, visit

About the TMD Friction Group

TMD Friction, a group of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., is a global leader in the manufacture of brake pads for the automotive industry. It also manufactures disc brake pads and drum brake linings for applications in various types of vehicles. Its product portfolio also includes sports brake pads, as well as friction materials for this segment. TMD Friction serves the global spare parts market through the brands Textar, Nisshinbo, Mintex, Don, Pagid and Cobreq, in addition to developing and producing friction coatings for the industry under the Cosid and Dynotherm brands. The TMD Friction Group has four manufacturing plants in Germany, in addition to other units in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan and South Africa. The group has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit

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