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The pad, developed with high technology, reaches the aftermarket and guarantees vibration-free braking, less noise and dust on the wheels

Auto line ceramic brake pads

Cobreq, brand of TMD Friction, a company of the Nisshinbo group, introduces to the market the new brake pad Cobreq Cerâmica that serves vehicles of the light line, focusing on SUV’s, medium sedans and pickups, and brings innovation to the automotive segment. Made with high quality raw materials for ceramic components, the piece guarantees noise reduction, less dust on the wheels and vibration-free braking.

Developed through advanced technology by Cobreq, the inserts are ecological and present fundamental and favorable differentials for everyday life. Through the ceramic material, the pads suffer a differentiated wear, producing less dirt on the wheels besides providing a comfortable and silent experience, due to the low noise emission.

Braking stability and less vibration contribute to a great experience. “We always try to bring improvements and novelties to the market. The new line of Cobreq Cerâmica inserts offers clean wheels and less noise, standing out in the market. They were developed with superior quality material precisely to offer the consumer a different experience, always striving for comfort and safety ”, says Fábio Merighi South America Sales and Marketing Director at TMD Friction do Brasil.

Another feature offered by the pad is the ability to remain stable, without losing its properties, and offer comfortable braking. The line was developed maintaining the rigorous standards and criteria of TMD Friction related to driver safety in addition to undergoing quality tests, performance evaluation, noise during braking, durability and comfort.

“The pad is one of the most important parts of the brake system, essential to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Our commitment is to develop qualified and innovative products and the ceramic insert arrives to bring comfort with the reduction of noise, care and practicality through the clean wheels in addition to stability, due to the braking capacity without vibrations”, reinforces Raulincom Borges da Silva, coordinator technical assistance from TMD Friction do Brasil.

In addition, the Cobreq Cerâmica tablet is ecological, free of substances and elements harmful to health, developed with an innovative friction material. It took two years of research and evaluation to reach the final product, aligning performance, quality and safety with sustainable solutions.

“Far beyond complementing our product portfolio, this launch comes to the market with great news in the entire process of development and communication of the brand. Even the packaging has gained a new concept in the market, through the QR code we offer extra information about products in addition to facilitating access to our platforms. Our campaign comes to reinforce our commitment to our public, mechanics, salespeople and retailers, offering an efficient product with an exceptional quality based on comfort, care and stability “, points out João Sampaio Marketing Manager at TMD Friction do Brasil.


Cobreq is one of the brands of the TMD Friction group, the largest manufacturer of brake pads in the world. The company develops brake linings, shoes and pads covering light, heavy and motorcycle vehicles. Located in an area of ​​100 thousand m², in Salto, in the interior of São Paulo, the factory represents one of the largest units of the TMD Friction group outside Europe. For more information access

About the TMD Friction Group
TMD Friction, a group of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., is a global leader in the manufacture of brake pads for the automotive industry. It also manufactures disc brake pads and drum brake linings for applications in various types of vehicles. Its product portfolio also includes sports brake pads, as well as friction materials for this segment. TMD Friction serves the global spare parts market through the brands Textar, Nisshinbo, Mintex, Don, Pagid and Cobreq, in addition to developing and producing friction coatings for the industry under the Cosid brand. The TMD Friction Group has four manufacturing plants in Germany, as well as other units in Europe, in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan. The group has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. For more information access