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The urban cargo vehicle, better known as VUC, is a small truck used mainly in large urban centers due to the restrictions of large fleets. VUCs are strategic options that facilitate the delivery process due to its agility and size, which favor the circulation, parking and unloading within the city.

Strengthening driver and vehicle safety is never too much, which is why Cobreq, a brand of TMD Friction, a company of the Nisshinbo group, recommends that drivers and fleets review trucks, especially in the brake system, an essential item to ensure protection on the track. “It is essential that the maintenance of the vehicle happens periodically to check the functionality of the vehicle and if all parts and systems are in good condition. It is not only the breaking of a part that can be harmful, the natural wear of the components can also cause serious accidents, so the entire brake system including inserts, shoes and fluid should be reviewed”, says Raulincom Borges da Silva, technical assistance coordinator of TMD Friction do Brasil.

The brake pads are responsible for stopping the rotation of the vehicle’s wheels. It is important to check whether they are worn out or noisy during the review.

The shoes make up the drum brake system, they receive the strength of the wheel cylinders and use it to compress the brake pads against the drum, generating friction and slowing the wheels.

Brake fluid
It is also important to check the level of the brake fluid, if it is below indicated may indicate the natural wear of the brake pads or even leakage. “It is important that this review is done in a reliable mechanics, the brake fluid for example should not be completed, if it is close to the minimum level, inspection is required in the brake system. It is important to replace the fluid at the time recommended by the vehicle manufacturer”, he says.

The friction materials developed by Cobreq serve various types of trucks, as well as VUCs. With strong investment in technology and rigorous testing in different environments and conditions, the parts offer excellence in quality, comfort and safety.

Cobreq is one of the brands of the TMD Friction group, the world’s largest manufacturer of brake pads. The company develops canvases, shoes and brake pads covering light, heavy and motorcycle vehicles. Located in an area of 100,000 m², in Salto, in the interior of São Paulo, the factory represents one of the largest units of the TMD Friction group outside Europe. For more information, visit www.  .

About TMD Friction Group
TMD Friction, a group of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., is a global leader in the manufacture of brake pads for the automotive industry. It also manufactures disc brake pads and drum brake pads for applications in various types of vehicles. Its product portfolio also includes sports brake pads as well as friction materials for this segment. TMD Friction serves the global aftermarket through the Textar, Nisshinbo, Mintex, Don, Pagid and Cobreq brands, as well as developing and producing friction coatings for the industry under the Cosid brand. TMD Friction Group has four manufacturing plants in Germany, as well as other units in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan. The group has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. For more information, please