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Preventive maintenance and choosing suitable and quality products can prevent breakdowns and accidents

The period of social isolation has changed the routine of consumers who are increasingly looking for delivery services, such as those offered by restaurants and pharmacies. Essential so that families do not have to leave home, professional motorcyclists move the streets and avenues from one point to another in the cities to carry out home deliveries. The motorbike, the main work tool for delivery personnel, has been used more frequently and, therefore, requires greater attention to ensure its smooth operation and safety on the way. The system of brakes, clutch and tires are items that require care.

According to Raulincom Borges da Silva, technical assistance coordinator for TMD Friction, owner of the Cobreq brand, preventive maintenance and the choice of suitable and quality products can prevent crashes, serious damage to the motorcycle and traffic accidents.

Braking system
The use in urban environments requires great mobility when braking and the brake pads are of fundamental importance to stop the motorcycle in any situation. The noise the wheels make when braking can be a sign that something is not going well, although it does not always interfere with braking efficiency. But it is necessary to be attentive, since the material can wear out with the time of use and the iron at the base of the pad when it comes in contact with the moving brake disc emits noise. In this situation, the replacement of the part with a new one has passed the time. After changing the insert it is possible for noise to occur, which tends to disappear after the period of “laying” between the insert and the disc. If it persists, the ideal is to make an assessment of the system.

Reduction of braking efficiency and noise can also occur due to the contact of the metallic part of the skate in the drum, caused by the wear of the canvas.

Brake Fluid
The habit of checking the validity and level of the brake fluid is fundamental to avoid braking problems. When the level starts to decrease progressively, it is necessary to check if there is leakage or if the problem is related to the brake pad, which may be worn. The recommendation is to look for a specialized location to assess the situation. “It is worth remembering that the fluid must not simply be filled up to the level but replaced, reinforces the technical assistance coordinator at TMD.

A vital component, the clutch controls the force sent to the wheel by the engine and the parts that make up the system must be in good condition to guarantee its full operation. Clutch kit components include the disc, bell, plateau, flange and cables.
The signs that indicate that the clutch needs maintenance range from loss of performance and strength of the bike, difficulty changing gears and vibration. In urban environments, where gear shifting is more frequent, the system tends to wear out more quickly, but some precautions when driving can help to increase the life of the set. “The clutch can overload with the habit of changing gears without slowing down, taking off in sudden jerks and turning off the engine on the way down”, comments Borges da Silva.

Cable condition
Motorcycles need the throttle, clutch and brake cables to be regulated, in good condition and lubricated for the proper functioning of the vehicle and the safety of the rider. On some models, cables are protected and do not require lubrication. Worn out cables have a higher risk of bursting, so maintenance should always be up to date.

Tires and lamps
The tires must also be in good condition and always calibrated. It is necessary to check the manufacturer’s recommended calibration in the owner’s manual and try to calibrate the tires with them still cold.
With the large number of night delivery orders, you need to pay attention to the headlights for visibility and safety. The system for lighting and signaling must be checked constantly.
The technical assistance coordinator reinforces the importance of choosing components of good origin and quality so as not to put safety at risk. Cobreq, for example, has an extensive range of motorcycle products. that undergoes rigorous testing.

Cobreq is one of the brands of the TMD Friction group, the largest manufacturer of brake pads in the world. The company develops brake linings, shoes and pads covering light, heavy and motorcycle vehicles. Located in an area of 100 thousand m², in Salto, interior of São Paulo, the factory represents one of the largest units of the TMD Friction group outside Europe. For more information access

About the TMD Friction Group
TMD Friction, a group of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., is a global leader in the manufacture of brake pads for the automotive industry. It also manufactures disc brake pads and drum brake linings for applications in various types of vehicles. Its product portfolio also includes sports brake pads, as well as friction materials for this segment. TMD Friction serves the global spare parts market through the brands Textar, Nisshinbo, Mintex, Don, Pagid and Cobreq, in addition to developing and producing friction coatings for the industry under the brand. The TMD Friction Group has four manufacturing plants in Germany, in addition to other units in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan. The group has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. For more information access

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